Tuesday 3 January 2012

Put your Brazilian away please

I've blogged before about the gym, I've never been a member of one before.
Today after swimming I returned to my locker to get my stuff for a shower and there's 3 women, stark naked. Various shapes and sizes and all completely hairless apart from their hair on their head, eyebrows and eyelashes.
They were chatting, then wandered around drying their hair and applying make up.
I'm not a prude, I'll get changed on the beach, I'll sunbathe topless, but I don't parade around in the nuddy.
I grabbed my stuff and headed to the shower, shut my almost see through Perspex door and showered.
I left the shower, there were two women with the doors open and chatting, one was fully shaved the other had a thin strip of hair and they were talking about why they preferred what they had done.
I returned to the changing rooms to dress, weigh myself (in my undies) and do my make up.
They followed me out, stark naked, applying lotions and creams, chatting and oblivious to me dressing under my towel.
Does this happen at your gym? Or Am I just being prudish?
All I kept thinking about was cover your bloody foo foos I don't want to see them.


  1. It's amazing what one sees and overhears in chnaging rooms. It can be very uncomfortable!

  2. Deary me, that should't be allowd ! I wouldn't force my lady bits on anyone !

  3. I feel the same way at the gym. one of the reasons I stopped going as the 70 year olds with all their dangly bits hanging everywhere while rubbing on lotions and potions really put me off. Getting complimented on my boobs by another woman really put me off!!

  4. Funny! I had the misfortune of finding my boss had joined the same gym as me. I'm a discreet kinda girl but she stared so much that I just ended up not going. She was a parader too. I think parading has become the fashion in gyms. It was commonplace at mine. Most disconcerting. Didn't like the whole nude thing in the sauna either.

  5. Thanks for the comments, seems it's not just South African gyms then