Wednesday 7 March 2012

Making friends

It has taken 14 months but you know when you've made a real friend, when you turn up on their doorstep, demand coffee, cake and an offload, then later in the same day you call them in floods of tears because you've spilt nail varnish everywhere and then they turrn up at your house with flowers to cheer you up.


  1. So there is hope then...I have been here 4 months now, and my closest friend is my dentist, because I seem to have seen her so often in the last couple of weeks.

    Basically, I have made no friends, and have actually met virtually no-one. It was actually a kind of relief to visit the dentist office yet again today (to take the boys this time) and to get a hug of the lovely Dental Assistant, Alvarde, and then one from Rachel, my Dentist..

    How sad am I - spoke to my Mum today and told her the boys had loads of friends but I was still 'Billy no mates'

    Still you have given me hope with this post, and I will endeavour not to lose heart.

    Thank you

    Lou :-)

    1. I was like that till the beginning of the year, my friends were the waitresses, the pool guy and the woman I argued with in the post office. My friend is the mum of my eldests son, I've played it slowly being careful not to appear too needy and it seems to be working well. It started by me knocking on her door and offering a lift share for school. TBH it's made all the difference to me this week and the family are benefitting also.

  2. Now I understand the picture you posted of nail varnish half way across the kitchen floor! Hope she bought some polish remover with her, too. Polly x

  3. industrial lacquer remover did the job and hubby scrapped the tiles clean