Friday 23 March 2012

Making things and friends on twitter

The wonderful, fantastic @tattooed_mummy sent me these this morning.

She also started a craft swop. At Christmas I made these for @cherrytweeps

And got this from @peekaywrites
(can't find photo of red and White stripped sock)

The Easter craft I made is for @habzamaphone

And I'm looking forward to receiving what @redtedart has made for me.


  1. Particularly like the shrink wrapped PG Tips - presumably that's the one you are most looking forward to! Lovely crafts, I wish I was good at making things like that. Polly x

  2. Have to admit that my twittering is sporadic.
    That being said if there is anything you can't get and need/want - pm on twitter with request and your address and I will send stuff to you..I already have a friend I keep supplied with Cinnamon Toothpaste - and there must be so much you can't get that you would like.

    Lou :-)

    1. Cinnamon toothpaste sounds fab, my friend is here from the uk at the mo and son out in may so I'm ok at the moment but I'll let you know

  3. Too funny - there is an ad at the bottom of your blog that is advertising - Rancho Las Palmas which is near Palm Springs, 100 miles from me and where hubby, boys and I are spending next weekend courtesy of hubby's boss - thats kind of freaky but in a good!

    Lou :-) (again)