Friday 9 March 2012

I sit here thinking about......trying to relax

.....rubbing cream in my cracked heels. But I may have to get up to answer the door and I can't be arsed to find the cream.

.....painting my nails. But I may have to do something and smudge the polish.

.....listening to music. But I have to find my headphones.

.....blogging about why I don't.

So I now sit here with cream on my heels, wet nails, my music on, a cuppa of tea and I can't relax..... waiting for the door bell to ring, realising I might have to do something, but I have my head phones plugged into the laptop so I can't go anywhere and I'll not here the door bell ring.....I'm relaxed.


  1. Sounds perfect! We've disconnected our doorbell because when the neighbours come home and lock their cars it sets our doorbell ringing. Bad enough in the evening, worse in the middle of the night! I think people will tap on the window or ring me first if they want to see me. Polly x

    1. Unfortunatly our bell rings on an intercom in everyroom, haven't worked out how to disconnect it, but its mainly the kids forgetting their key