Wednesday 21 March 2012

The Budget

When my hubby gets a bonus, he pays 40% tax.

His bonus is a % of the revenue he has brought into the company.

From that revenue he can increase his head count.

Increasing his head count means he can employ more people.

He doesn't get bonuses because he's lucky or was in the right place at the right time or knows people.

He gets his bonus because he studied hard, worked hard and made sacrifices along the way.

So what if he uses his bonus to buy a car or pay for fancy holidays.

He earnt it.


  1. Too right. I think a bonus should be tax free as well..

    Lou :-)

    1. I think so, his bonus is a reflection of jobs created/maintained that year

  2. My husbands family think that he got everything with a bus ticket, no hard work involved along the way, his sister who is an out of work waster gets thousand quid here and a thousand quid there from various family members because she doesn't have the same confidence as Ian. She should have got on the same bus as Ian then!

    1. i hear you, money doesn't go to money like many people say, you have to earn it, money seems to go to those that haven't got on that bus, but then complain about how unjust it all is....when they've finished watching Jeremy Kyle on their 60inch tv on sky multi room