Friday 23 March 2012

Brilliance in Blogging....I've been shortlisted

Oh I'm gushing at my nomination in the GO category over at Britmums

I made one cheeky/sarcastic tweet to ask you to vote for me in the #Bibs and here I am shortlisted for the next round of here.

Don't bother reading any more just get your arse in gear and vote for me. Category 7 number 3.

I'm NOT a mummy blogger, I NEVER have bloggers block, I just write about things that annoy/amuse/challenge me and my family as expats in South Africa. I DON'T give out advice, I just write about my experiences of being mum to 5 children (2 are step children) the difficulties that arise with the eldest 3 remaining in the UK, inheriting step children (1 profoundly disabled) the 2 children we have here with us and the issues of them being away from all their family and how well they've settled in, made friends and the issues they have being English living abroad.

I am REAL, I don't think of things to blog, these things happen to me and my family. They make us laugh/cry/scream and shout.

Through my blogging I have reached so many other expats that wouldn't have been possible without Twitter, Britmums and Mumsnet. It has saved me from packing it all in at times. Just one kind comment, one reassuring tweet, one considerate email and even the odd (expensive) phone call to know I'm NOT alone.

But we are strong, we are a united family, we WILL succeed and I guarantee there will be more blogging.

So all that's left to do is to ask you to vote for me please, if you want, it's up to you, but I'd appreciate your time.
Just in case you didn't get the message first can vote for me here


  1. Been and done it for you......Thank god there were blogs I follow in the other catergories too, or I could have voted for any old tripe in them.

    Keeping everything crossed for - how cool to get nominated :-)

    Lou :-)