Tuesday 13 March 2012

Did I mention the panic attacks #expats

I'm used to hubby working abroad, getting back late, phoning me to say the M5/M6 etc is closed.

I'm also aware his ' I'll be home in 20mins ' is more like 3 times as long.

Yes I worry, in the UK he'd wear his cars out in 3 yrs, new engines, turbo's etc and clock 100,000 easily.

Since we moved to South Africa my worry has turned to panic.

He called me at 7pm ' I'm on my way home ' it's a 40 minute drive from the airport and it's 90 minutes since he called.

Accident, breakdown or hijacked?

Police stop and document check.

But actually not that simple as our passport number doesn't enter the system and our UK driving licence won't scan, coupled with a UK address and a piece of card they call the international driving permit, it takes sometime.

We have to explain what each document is, we are usually waved on.

I'm just waiting for the 'accompany me to the station, as I don't recognise these documents and I want them verified.

So while hubby sits there on the side of the road with all the stories of being robbed by police and worrying about a lengthy trip to the station.
I'm panicking at home thinking he's been hijacked at gun point.

That's the reality of living here.


  1. Jesus - I would die..My hubby calls to say he is on his way and is usually back before he says he will be. I cannot begin to imagine the worry you must have waiting at home for him.

    Lou :-)

    1. It's not every day, most days he leaves the office between 4-6 getting home when i see him around 5-7, its only when he rings with an eta then i dont hear from him i panic

  2. Shit, that's not good at all & I'm afraid I have nothing contructive to offer, just my sympathies.

  3. Ouch... Sound Africa sound dreamy! No wonder why we get so many people from there.

    The sad thing is, I totally understand you; You could get the same stories (or worst) from the country I come from (Venezuela) and the feeling is more than horrible. Do you have the opportunity to move somewhere else soonish?

    1. Hi Rod, we've only been here a year, i think it just takes some getting used to

  4. Gosh, and I worry about my husbands 25 minute walk home, in a safe city.

    1. At least I dont worry about the kids coming home in the dark in the uk anymore #mumstaxi

  5. I am English, but grew up in South Africa, am now living in Australia. I hear you and understand your panic. Gentle hugs ((()))