Wednesday 16 December 2015

Are you going home for Christmas?

We're not and this is our 5th Christmas living abroad and we've not travelled back home to the UK for Christmas, nor do we intend on doing so in the near future either.

When we lived in South Africa, no one asked us if we were going home for Christmas, that was our home and the kids and other family members came out to see us.

Now that we are living in Dubai, the topic of conversation is nothing else other than 'are you going home for Christmas?'

Flights at this time of year are expensive, the holiday season is short, it's cold in the UK and other than staying in spare rooms or on air beds, we don't have anywhere to stay.

The weather is perfect in Dubai at this time of year, expats spend all summer moaning about how hot it is, yet by the time that it is cool enough to enjoy being outside, they all disappear back to their home country for a two week break.

I think it's because not many people call Dubai home, they call it 'the place where they work' or where they are living currently whilst waiting for another company move and even the people I've met who have lived here for 10+ years view Dubai as temporary due to the nature of contracts, visas and the fact most of them would be back 'home' if they could earn these kind of salaries there. Also, unless you work here or are among the super rich, you can't live in Dubai without employment or a sponsor as they don't issue retirement visa's.

While my family and friends are in the UK and South Africa, my home is where I currently live, with hubby, which happens to be in Dubai right now, if I don't call Dubai 'home' and live here to the full, I'd feel unsettled.

So in answer to the question, the next time someone asks 'are you going home for christmas?' I shall reply 'yes, I am' It's just not in the UK and I don't have to explain myself.

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  1. I've always believed home is wherever I find myself and a big bonus if my loved ones are there

    Ps: I'm happy you finally have cooler weather