Thursday 24 December 2015

My Christmas Elf On The Shelf alternative

I saw people blocking and unfollowing people who were doing Elf On The Shelf this year so I decided to come up with my own version. I couldn't decide on 'what would be on the what' each day and to be quite honest with you, there's no way I'm making a mess, just to take a photograph, upload to get xxx amount of likes on Social Media and as it was intended just to be a bit of fun I wen twitch this.

1. Dog on the bog

2. Cat on the mat

3. Bug on a rug

4. Pandas on the veranda

5. Penguins on the engine

6. Seal in a heel

7. Deer on a beer

8. Ants in my pants

9. Seals on a wheel

10. Chihuahua in the shower (photo credit Lousie @mustntgrumble)

11. Snake in the lake

12. Penguins on the engine took themselves sunbathing

13. Frog on the dog

14. Dog on the frog

15. Goats on a boat

16. Hippopotamus on the bus

17. Hippopotamus on the bus goes to the beach

18. Robin on a bobbin

19. Hippopotamus on the bus was a bit worse for wear after a night out on the tiles

20. Dog in the bog got up to some mischief

21. Bear on the chair

22. Snake on a cake

23. Parrots on the carrots

24. Lions on the iron


  1. Replies
    1. thanks Stefan, hope you are well and a happy christmas

  2. just thought I would come for a catch up, I do remember seeing a lot of these individually last year.