Wednesday 9 December 2015

Miracle Gardens Winter 2016

This is my 3rd visit to the Miracle Gardens, I first visited in March last year, then again in June in the height of the summer and spent most of my time in the butterfly centre to avoid the heat. My latest visit was on Saturday, I wanted to take a closer look at the planting and take note of what was planted and the type of soil used, you can see from the close up photo's, that unless it is planted in pots, the ground is sand, just like what I have to work with back home.

Most of the plants I've grown earlier this year, Marigolds, Petunias and Celosia and I currently have seeds in trays waiting to develop to plant out in my own sand pit back home.

There seemed to be many more types of plants this year or maybe just used more colour in this part of the garden.

I was disappointed to see that not many things had actually changed from earlier in the year, there were cars being used, the tap had flowers flowing out of it, rather than water, the lady was dressed differently and the layout of the gardens was still the same. They've also used cars again and added some nice touches with decorated bicycles.

Umbrellas had been added to the food court, but the food wasn't that appealing, I settled for freshly cooked pasta and an ice cream.

I discovered two new features, or maybe I just missed them on the last two visits, a sunken garden and a cosy sitting area.

I also visited the viewing platform and could the garden in greater detail.

I was also disappointed with the illuminations, just the clock lit up and the tunnel walk way to the sunken garden.

I was unable to visit the other, far prettier, gardens as they are now part of the butterfly domes and there is a separate entry fee to go in there, I'll wait till my next visitor comes in March and take her to visit that side of the garden instead.

It was much busier than on previous visits and I had to spend a long time waiting to take a photo without anyone in it, which wasn't easy to do. I almost succeeded with this one till you note the shadow.

One tip I can give you if driving there is on leaving, to take the Motor City exit and double back, I missed that exit and ended up on a city tour of Dubai at night fall, which was rather beautiful, but unfortunately as I was driving I couldn't take any photos.

Meanwhile back in my garden I've added a couple of snapdragons and geraniums and I'm amazed at how quickly the seeds I planted last week have grown and I've finally bought some grown up gardening gloves instead of a pair of kids ones, that I purchased in error as I liked the pattern without checking the size.

I'm going to need to make some new covers for the garden furniture as the sun has damaged the fabric, I kept forgetting to take the cushions in during the day.

As I'm now at work all day, Bob has to entertain himself, it's much cooler now in Dubai, so I can leave him outside during the day, but he gets bored and keeps finding places to bury his bone, covering the path with sand.


  1. Oh those gardens are, well, a miracle! Amazing how much can grow in such a heat. I love the yellow bike, the peacocks and the beetle waterfall best of all - so creative!
    Nice to see you sneak in there too :)
    Thanks for joining in again, the christmas tree edition next week! (ho ho ho!)

    1. I'm starting the photography of the trees now, all artificial I'm afraid, as is most of Dubai

  2. wow. so. much. colour. Love it all - especially the bike! :) #hdygg

    1. it is glorious, i just keep thinking about the water bill

  3. Wow, those are some mighty colourful gardens, so pretty and I just love all the umbrellas. I have childrens gardening gloves too, the patterns are much nicer than adult ones.

    1. that's why i bought the kids gloves, have purchased adult ones now in pink