Sunday 20 December 2015

Project 365 - Week 51

This week just raced by. I had my first full week in the class that I'm taking over in January. The teen is here, holed up in his room, although we have gone out a few times in the evening, mainly to the Doctors (his story to tell, not mine) and for me with my bad foot, that turns out has been a cracked bone in my heel. It rained a couple of times in the week and the temperatures are much lower. The new evening routine is feed the cat and dog, walk the dog, make pack lunch, cook dinner, wash up and bed, but with the teen here and his weird body clock, I've not been getting to be till 11pm, as the evenings are the only time we get to spend together.

Sunday is a day of work, hubby arrived home around 2am, I had no idea he was back until the alarm went off at 5.15am. He's been in South Africa for almost 3 weeks. After work I had to take the teen to the Doctors, we were there for almost 2 hours. This weeks My Sunday Photo was Bob's visit to see Santa.

Day 347 ‪#‎onedailypositive‬ ‪#‎noon‬ ‪#‎fmsphotoaday‬ ‪#‎baby‬‪#‎snaphappybritmums‬ ‪#‎project‬ An Arabic baby name for a girl. Noon meaning Sword Blade.

Monday after a work, a colleague dropped me at Deira City Centre so I could catch the train home. In the evening we all went to Jumeria Beach Residence, near Dubai Marina and had a meal at Butcha, I won vouchers back in July and we had two meals with expiry dates, we were treated to a fantastic Christmas show in the square, which lasted 45 minutes and we had a wonderful view from our table.

Day 348 #onedailypositive #time #fmsphotoaday#bed #snaphappybritmums #project365 after a day at work then a meal out with hubby and the #teen it's time for bed. My side of the bed always looks like this.

Tuesday after work I called in at Mirdif City Centre Mall, where I did a bit more christmas shopping, hubby flew out to Germany and is home on Saturday. This weeks #AnimalTales was all about Hippo's.

Day 349 #onedailypositive #accessory #fmsphotoaday #home #snaphappybritmums#project365 this penguin will make the perfect accessory for my home this Christmas.

Wednesday evening after work I caught the bus to Tim Hortons for a quick coffee and I took my giant cuddly hippo with me for my Elf on the Shelf alternative photographs. Then the teen and I went to Mercarto mall for dinner and a wander around the shops, dropping hints to pass on to hubby for my christmas present. It would seem that everyone I know is 'going home for Christmas, we're not and you can read about why we choose to stay in Dubai for the holidays.

Day 350 ‪#‎onedailypositive‬ ‪#‎cuddly‬ ‪#‎fmsphotoaday‬ ‪#‎sweet‬‪#‎snaphappybritmums‬ ‪#‎project365‬ My sweet and cuddly hippopotamus and I have been out to @timhortonsgcc for a ‪#‎TimTreats‬ on bus for today's alternative ‪#‎ElfOnTheShelf‬ photo. Tomorrow the hippo is part of my costume for 'growing' theme at school.

Thursday and the last day of the school term, it's only been 3 weeks and I'm shattered, it was dress up day reflecting the terms subject of 'growing' I wore my onsie, carried my hippo and went as a baby. By mid morning it was too warm so I took the onsie off, however I forgot to take my pony tails out and walked round school all day with my hair in bunches, no one said a word. When I got home, I fell asleep for a couple of hours. Today's #HDYGG post is Christmas Trees in Dubai, you'd be surprised at how may and how large they are.

Day 351 ‪#‎onedailypositive‬ ‪#‎yellow‬ ‪#‎fmsphotoaday‬ ‪#‎clean‬‪#‎snaphappybritmums‬ ‪#‎project‬. This is all I've managed to do this week, 1 load of washing. Someone please tell me how I managed a full time job, 5 kids and a house? I've been back working for 3 weeks after a 5 year break and I'm shattered.

Friday was the weekly trip into the desert with Bob, I met a family who were fussing around Bob then asked where was Bob's owner? I said it was me and they wanted to know where the man was who usually walks him. After bathing Bob and giving the house the briefest of cleans, the teen and I went to Dubai Mall to spend his Christmas money, he had a pair of Nike Air trainers and a new camera tripod, he has a few gifts under the tree for next week. I left home at midnight to collect hubby from the airport and calculated that in the past 3 months we've only spent 2 fragmented weeks together, with both of us travelling so much. it's been a year today since we moved to Dubai, it's a wonderful city but there are things about it that I don't like about living in Dubai, same as everywhere else I suppose.

Day 352 ‪#‎onedailypositive‬ ‪#‎steps‬ ‪#‎fmsphotoaday‬ ‪#‎light‬‪#‎snaphappybritmums‬ ‪#‎project365‬

Saturday we had a lazy morning and ate egg on toast in bed while watching the Penguins of Madagascar, before a trip to the post office and then onto Festival Mall where hubby bought my christmas presents. After dinner, I headed out for a couple of hours with my laptop for a coffee while hubby watched Man Utd lose.


  1. There is good and bad in living anywhere in the world I suppose.
    The teenage is normal then hiding in his room and not actually holding much conversation.
    You managed and job and five kids cos a) that was what you were use to and b) you were younger!! I find 11 hr shifts more tiring than I did 10 years ago.
    Enjoy your time off with your son and hubby, have a good Christmas

    1. thank you, already the holidays are going too fast, have a lovely christmas

  2. Beautiful calligraphy but what a dramatic name for a baby girl. I still need to finish my Christmas shopping. Hope you'll have more time to spend with your husband during and after holidays. Merry Christmas to you!

    1. that's what i thought, i haven't met anyone with that name yet, hope you have a merry christmas

  3. Wow! I can't believe how little time you and hubby have spent together lately. My side of the bed looks like that a lot too. It drives hubby mad, but I like it - it's my bit of personal space and freedom. I always tidy it up before bed though.
    My husband and son were actually at that Man Utd game. They weren't too happy with the outcome!

    1. replied on Facebook, the bed looks worse when hubby is away it usually sits on his side with the cat so i can sleep without having to clear it all off. hope the boys enjoyed the game despite the loss

  4. You guys have been travelling a lot, haven't you! Hope you've had a wonderful Christmas x