Wednesday 2 December 2015

UAE National Day 44 Celebrations in Dubai

Planning it all has been a little tricky and the logistics of travelling between all the venues has been very time consuming, and although I didn't didn't stay in any one place too long, I've had a lot of fun today.

I started the day by walking to Kite Beach where I stopped for a coffee and took photographs of the flags in the sand.

Next stop was Dubai Marina, via bus and train, and the yacht club to see the boat parade

After a late lunch/early dinner, I travelled home on the tram, train and by taxi to drop off my christmas shopping and headed off to Box Park.

Parking at Box Park was a bit of an issue, but it was worth the visit, beautifully lit up and lots of entertainment for both adults and children alike.

I then finished the evening by driving round to City Walk to watch the firework display. I couldn't find parking anywhere and after a bit of detour, I finally parked and got as far as the main road before the fireworks started. I had another coffee at a pavement cafe and watched the cars drive by, decorated with the UAE flag, tooting their horns and revving their engines. I also observed a local, wearing a white mask, spraying cars with foam, apparently it's a local tradition on UAE day.

I missed the Burj Khalifa lit up with the colours of the flag and tomorrow I'm heading off to The Beach at Jumeriah Beach Residence to watch the firework display and treat myself to dinner in one of the fancy restaurants there.


  1. Thanks for linking this to TravelAtHome. It looks like a wonderful day full of celebration. What a shame about the light display on the Burj Khalifa but it looked like there were so many other things to do.

  2. Looks like a great day! Love the pictures and it looks so vibrant and clear! (These days in China's polluted air, I get a bit excited with clear, blue skies ;) )

    1. It was a tiring day as I covered one end of Dubai to the other but so worth it

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