Monday 23 April 2012

What's for tea? Tell me whats in the cupboard first.

Well there's salad and home made coleslaw left over from yesterday and chicken defrosting in the fridge and have a packet of pasta, so we...

Browned the chicken
Cooked the pasta
Melted a dollop of butter, mixed in a dollop of flour
Added half point off stock, slowly and brought to the boil
Drained the pasta
Added chicken, dash of mustard, lemon juice, sugar, cup of milk and heated gently
Served up the pasta, poured the chicken sauce over the top, added fresh chopped herbs and....

Ate every last bit (no time for photos)

We are now baking chocolate brownies

Whisk 2 eggs and add caster sugar
Melt butter and cocoa powder blend in plain flour until it looks right and a tea spoon of baking powder (we couldnt find any)
But they taste and look good.

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