Wednesday 25 April 2012

More haphazard cooking.

I don't do recipes, I do what have we got in the cupboards and fridge and throw something together.
Tonight we are having chicken and veg kebabs with egg fried rice.
First I marinated the chicken using honey, soy sauce and olive oil.
I then chopped a pepper, an onion and washed a handful of cherry tomatoes.
I put a piece of chicken, onion, tomato and property on a kebab stick and repeated the process till I used everything up.
Bunged it in the oven on 200c for 90 mins.
I boiled the rice. Sautéed an onion in a pan. Cracked an egg on the pan and scrambled it. Added the rice and some more soy sauce. Stirred, dolloped on plate, stuck kebabs on top and ate it.

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