Sunday 29 April 2012

What excites me

I had a phone call from my Mum in the UK this morning, she asked me if I was excited about our up coming house move....'No not really' she was disappointed.

It's made me think about what does excite me and to be honest I'm not sure how to really interupt the word.

A google search comes up with this definition
1.Very enthusiastic and eager.
2.Sexually aroused.

I'm not discussing number two with my mother, but yes, that does excite me.

I'm not excited about our upcoming move. If you've been folowing my blog and twitter you'll know that the whole house thing has done nothhing but pissed me off.
A google sesrch comes up with this definition
1. Vulgar.
2. Very annoyed.
3. Angry

I've moved past the angry stage, but yes I'm still very annoyed.

I can't help thinking how number 1. Vulgar relates to 2. Sexually excited

So what does make me excited, enthuastic and eager? In no particular order.

The London Olympics? Well I am excited to find out if I have a volunteers role, but equally pissed that I haven't found out yet.

My son's visit next week...that excites me, I've so many plans for places to go, fab experiences.

My cat...I get excited with her excitement when she sees me, when I call her in at night and she comes running.

Planning...when I'm not pissed waiting for others to make decisions, sign documents etc, I get excited by writing lists, making plans a, b & c to cover all eventualities.

Hubby...he equally pisses me off and excites me...I get annoyed when he goes away with work, and i'm eager for him to come home, so we can get pissed together (both ways as mentioned above and a spot of alcohol)

I'm excited to have made new friends, it's all in the early stages so sometimes I get pissed when they can't make a date.

Post...that both excites me and pisses me off, I've given up now on those that don't make an effort and I'm sure feed back will come soon about how pissed they are because I've stopped writing in response to them not responding.

There's not alot else that excites me to be honest with you, because with every great excitement comes the 'pissed' bit.

Christmas is exciting but I get pissed off with the shopping, the making sure everyone is catered for in terms of who we visit.

The same with UK trips, excited to see everyone, but pissed with the demands on my's not a holiday, it's great to see everyone, but I get pissed that I can't do it all.

i'm sure there are many more things that Piss me off and excite seems that you can't have one without the other.

Anyway....what gets you pissed (not home brew) and what makes you excited?


  1. I can make a very clear link between vulgar and sexually aroused, but not on your blog!

    I get pissed when people are un-necessarily rude and obnoxious. I get pissed when I talk to someone, and having told me they are listening they then prove that they aren't.

    I get excited when I speak to my daughter cos she is 6000 miles away and I miss her. I get excited when I read the boys school reports because I am hoping for a wonderful one.

    i am really excited about coming back to the UK for my daughters graduation from Uni, although I am really pissed to have not heard yet whether I have permission from the powers that be to travel.

    I am excited that hubby may well get a new job that means that we will move somewhere a little less LA (that LA, where we are where we will actually buy a house with some land rather than renting like we do now, and I am rather pissed that the hospital haven't gotten back to hubby yet with an amazing

    I am pissed that 50 shades was as lame as it was because after all the hyp I was expecting something wonderfully - but that is another story!

    I could go on and on probably but as this is you blog and not mine I will shut up and sign off...

    Lou :-)

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