Wednesday 4 April 2012

Being an expat has turned me into this.....

I cannot believe I had time to do anything when we lived in the UK. I worked we had 5 kids at home and I was studying for a degree. I made cakes, I cooked once a week for the freezer, I atended meetings all over the county with my job and ran the local football club.

I always made time for family and friends, but I'd often be up at midnight trying to catch up with myself.

I get asked a lot 'what do you do with yourself all day and I really don't know' I tweet during the day, total drivel, about what I'm doing and this morning there were a few comments about me being a super mum and I was putting others to shame.

Not really. The kids are 13 & 17 and in school from 7am often until 4pm every day and on the weekends and holidays they are out and about with their mates on the estate, away at Private game reserves with their friends parents on weekends or on rugby tour somewhere in Limpopo. I need to keep myself occupied or I'll go mad. I do a bit of volunteer work here and there and look after my friend's children (also teens, as in I collect from school, do homework and feed them)

Todays tweets were typical of what I get up to.

I made sandwiches ready for the toaster and a mix for waffles ready for when the kids came home.

I prepared tonight's birthday feast for my friends birthday.

I decorated and laid the table, blowing up balloons.

Emptied and reloaded the dishwasher and emptied it again.

Put the washing on and hung it out.

Blogged, tweeted and caught up with emails and played with the cat.

I made easter gifts for the kids and some friends.

Collected kids from school, fed them.

It's now only 1pm

Packed the car and bags for camping.

Popped out to the post office and to buy Steak.

Cleaned the fridge after throwing a glass of red wine down the back of it.

Cleaned the kitchen.

Brought the washing in.


Swept and mopped the floor.

Took kids to back to school for hockey.

Fed the cat, made milkshakes, altered the timer on the sprinkler system.

Just got this left to pack, which I'll do in the morning.

And's 6.30pm. The house looks exactly the same as it did this morning when hubby left for work...and if he dares to ask me what I've done all day, I'll just email him this link.

I'm not a super mum, I'm just a bored housewife (not yet desperate)


  1. Your life sounds like mine, except I play with our beagle.

  2. I only have mornings as the little man is at preschool, so only really 3 full hours, but even so, I'm keeping busy too. Sometimes it's just lovely to listen to the silence for a short while! Polly x

    1. my problem Polly is I have all day to do nothing in and as a result tend to just do