Tuesday 17 April 2012

What happens when you google '2011 mens wet speedo contest'laugh

How do people find your blog?

Well I post a link to each blog on twitter and I am a member at Love all Blogs, Mumsnet and Britmums, where most of my traffic comes from.

However people also come accross my blog, usually by accident after searching key terms. Most of them are quite reasonable and sensible, some are just bizarre.

a cage liked fence for keeping toddlers out of danger
expat mums durban
he holds my hand he helps me stand
how hard can it be to move country
how hard can life be
how safe is south africa
the boy that died by getting hit in the neck with a baseball
to get down step daughter agony
woman in bouncy castle
a map where cheetahs live
lion hiding behind grass
teddy bear optician
men in speedos
what season is it
golf ball hit on the neck

But I think the person who searched the following term was probably left slightly disappointed when they stumbled across my blog, don't you?

'2011 mens wet speedo contest'

What search words have people used to find your blog?


  1. How funny, I was just planning a blog post on the same theme after discovering this week that someone found my blog (the blameless ramblings of a vicar's wife) by searching 'any mother wanked her son?' Last week it was Monster Matron Mammaries.

    1. i think these are all made up just to make us laugh, when i google them i never find my blog

  2. After reading your post, I had to look up what search terms have been used "cuddle pass" is the most interesting one. I don't have a clue what the person was actually searching for?

    1. i think most were actually looking for a therapist....lol