Sunday 1 April 2012

Living with a house full of men is driving me mad.

All my female friends that have children have at least one girl in their family. I don't.

I live in a house full of males and it's driving me mad. 5 of them (including hubby) OK so the 2 older boys have left home, but they visit and I can't cope with the hormones and the level of male banter that is driving me potty.

Can you imagine it? Do you know what it is like to have everyday living in an all male sitcom? that's what it feels like. Short, sharp, (what they consider) snappy and witty comments is driving me mad, piss taking one another and yes Hubbby does that also, rough and tumble and arm punches, swearing as part of every day conversation with one another, aggression...oh the list goes on and on and on.

Alot of it is probably my fault, you see I yell at the TV when the football is on, I watch the rugby, I ask about the cricket scores, I go to football matches. I can do DIY (small jobs) I can fix chains on bikes, so they see me as an honorary male and they treat me as one.

But I'm a girl, I like pink, I don't like chipping my polish or breaking a nail when I'm putting the chain back on the bike. I want to watch Rom Coms and Glee. I want to listen to 80's chart music, but I get outvoted. It's Action films and rock music.

I've made two new friends her, they also live in male dominated families, they feel the same, I know, I can tell, so I'm going to organise some beauty and some spa trips, we will have chick flick dates at the cinema and I shall expect to come home from my girlie away days to the ironing done and dinner ready on the table. I'll give them their 'men' time together as long as I can have my 'girl' time.


  1. I completely dislike it when my girls are away at school, why, because I am outnumbered. My husband and son drive me crazy, especially when try to have a nice dinner. I threatened to eat by myself if they don't behave.

    1. Mine are older, 22, 17 and 13. I am getting really low with the battle I face daily just to feel considered and included. It's getting really hard and I'm worried my relationships with them are suffering. I feel I have no one to talk to about it x

    2. If you're still here anon, are things improving?

    3. To unknown, my last child left home a year after this post and all is good now with the kids as adults