Friday 20 April 2012

Dealing with selfish neighbours on a camp site

This morning at 6.30am I was woken by your two year old, screaming. By 7am you had lost your patience and were outside your tent as the two year old hammered their toys against the tree. You did nothing to stop them.
By 7.15am I gave up trying to get back to sleep and sat drinking tea, reading my book. You offered no apology, not even a friendly smile our a wave to say morning when I noticed you starting at me.
You then proceeded to shout at your child for banging their toy against your car and in frustration you went back inside your tent, leaving the two year old peacefully playing.
However this did not satisfy you, you then proceeded to pick up child and take them back into your tent, where restricted by space your child screamed almost non stop for half an hour.
This was almost unbearable until you and your wife started arguing, you'd let the child wake her up, you should have taken the child for a walk and not woken her up.
At this point my children were awake, grumpy and miserable and decided to take their bad mood out on me. They squabbled through breakfast, argued about the washing up, messed around getting ready and were generally unpleasant and noisy.
Your child had since quietened, your wife was still sniping at you and you sat there starting at us in disgust as it appeared we were the ones ruining your peaceful morning.
Last night when we sat talking after dinner, around 8pm making pop corn without the lid on the pan, laughing and joking and you came over to ask us to keep the noise down as you were putting your child to sleep, we obliged.....tonight we won't.


  1. Oh the joys of camping! Just as they have dog free camp sites, maybe they should have toddler free ones as well!

    1. I notice some of the lodges on private game reserves don't take kids under 10

  2. I love camping but I prefer to be in the wilderness, away from all. I will wave at other canoeists as they paddle by, but am secretly happy they won't be camping nearby.

    1. cant do wilderness here..too many wild animals, but i did love camping in Oregan, with a cousin armed with a gun for the Cougars