Tuesday 24 April 2012

I'm sick to death of being laughed at?

I would like to invite any South African to travel back with me to the UK on my next visit so I can laugh at them for their silly mistakes.

Hire a car in the UK, drive to a petrol station and sit in the car waiting for an attendant to come out and fuel your car. I'd love to see the look on your face when you blast the horn and no one comes to help you. Would you actually know how to fill your car up and as for air in your tyres, well that would be a laugh.

Stand at the checkout, watching all your shopping getting scanned, then being tsk tsk'd by other shoppers as you feebly attempt to pack your own bags.

Wait in a car parking place for some one to jump behind your vehicle to help you get out of a tight spot.

It would all be new to you, you'd assume things would be the same where ever you went, you certainly wouldn't expect to be laughed at for not knowing how a system ( sucessfully for others) works, especially after you've gone to the trouble of explaining you're from a different country.

So why do you think it's OK to laugh at me?

I think it's perfectly normal to ask the garage where you purchased your car from, who you have an extended warranty with, for the price of a service. Don't you?

Well Barloworld Toyota thought it was funny, the service receptionist actually Lol'd at me, then said 'we don't service any other vechiles other than Toyota'

So marching off to the Jeep garage, I explained I wanted a quote for a service, a new Transfer Case Switch (I currently have a turning cirlce the size of a football pitch) and a tyre pressure valve that Toyota have ignored since I purchased the car.
They made me a cup of tea while I waited....what service and no one laughed at me.

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