Friday 20 April 2012

Keeping in touch, the old fashioned way

I read a post yesterday on @britmums by @kateonthinice about writing posts similar to other bloggers.

Today I'm doing the same. I read this post by @mummyblogger posted by @mumsnet and after leaving my comment I realised I wanted to expand on this further in regards to letter writing.

I've written posts before about the importance of contact with family and friends back in the UK and the rest of the world. I tweet often about the disappointment when peoples lives become too busy to answer an email, yet alone spend time writing a letter.

I am aware many letters just don't get through to me, due to a postal service that shall we just say can be a bit dishonest.

My disappointment with the number of people I thought were friends, the number of family members who say ' they love hearing my news but have nothing to say back' has been counterbalanced by the love I have from twitter.

I have approximately 20 twitter penpals, who tweet when they receive a letter so I know its arrived and tweet when they reply so I know to look out for one.

If you want to be my penfriend, DM me or contact me on email visa this blog.

I love nothing more than post dropping through the door, I've even been excited to get my bills delivered on time.

Sad, but when youre an expat any and every bit of communication is welcomed and the contents poured over at every opportunity.

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  1. Agreed, for people who didn't mind the delay, it was the dishonesty that turned them off from postal services. It's a shame, really.