Friday 13 April 2012

Just what are all these blogging awards?

In 3 & a half years I've been approached twice to do a sponsored blog. One company didn't bother replying after they made contact with me...Sainsbury the other was an offer from an independent beautician in exchange for a facial I just had to blog about it. So there ends my PR.

I've joined many blogging networks, contributed to blog hops and joined in with the odd twitter party, but that's it.

I don't like selling myself, compromising how I blog, reviewing products that I probably would never buy, just to earn peanuts and a few free toys for the kids.

So how come I've been nominated for an award in blogging? How did that happen? I'm not exactly user friendly and am often found making scathing comments about yummy mummies (got a lot of hits on that post).

What happens if I do reach the last 8 in my category?

What do I get from being there? What happens if I win?

Do I have to do sponsored blogs? Review products? Sell myself to the highest bidder?

Or am I just confirmed as brilliant blogger which you already know I am?

I'm NOT offering Facebook 'likes' in exchange for your vote.
I will NOT gush and rush over to your blog and leave comments in exchange for your vote.
I will NOT pimp you out or subscribe to your blog in exchange for your vote.
I will NOT advertise my brilliance by email, on Facebook or with an add in the local paper.
I am NOT desperate for your vote, hence no link and this plug on twitter.

You find me, you like what I read, you vote.


  1. Did you do it?

    I like the bloggers who nominated me, and they seem pretty sincere, but hate asking 7 other bloggers to participate when I don't really understand it.

    I was nominated for two different ones with the exact same response required in the same week. I was wondering what the deal was?

    I so have to look up Yummy Mummy right now : )

    1. Here is the link to the 'yummy mummy' post and I think I'll just give my Brilliance another posting while I'm here.