Wednesday 1 April 2015

Creating our first child free home

Well this is it, our new home in Dubai.
Chosen because it's near the beach, there are shops near by and a good transport link. Hubby has a study and music room, I have my own sewing and craft room.

While he sits in the lounge in the evenings, I'm often found in the conservatory as the air con is the quieter in that room.

Not once did we think about local schools, play grounds, parks, football clubs or after school and holiday clubs, we didn't have to as the children had already left home.

We've dragged boxes of lego, teddy bears, keepsakes from the UK to South Africa and now to Dubai, the 3 oldest children didn't come on our expat journey and the youngest 2 haven't come with us to Dubai, but all their stuff has.

We have a spare room, set up for visitors, we'll always have visitors, whether it's family or friends or work colleagues, I don't think we could ever rent/buy somewhere that couldn't accommodate extra people.


  1. What a big difference 4 years makes! I'm sure it felt weird not thinking of an area with the best schools and parks

    1. if we needed to look for schools as well we would have really narrowed down houses suitable for the cat and dog