Wednesday 15 April 2015

Me and my shadow. Life with a dog.

I'm visiting the UK next week, hubby is still in Dubai as he is working and someone needs to be at home for the cat and dog.

The dog always sulks when I'm not there, although he is always pleased to see any family member who has been away and in fact any stranger will do as long as he gets an extra bit of petting.

But I can't go anywhere without my shadow. Even when you think he's asleep and no matter how quietly I try to move, if there is an inkling that I'm going indoors or outdoors or even leaving the room, he's up and ready to follow me. As a result I seem to spend my entire time tripping over him.

Bob in the conservatory while I blog
 Bob by the side of my bed every morning
 Bob waiting for me outside the bathroom
 Bob watching me doing the washing up
 Bob waiting for me while I pot some seeds outside


  1. H ha - it could have been me that wrote this post about Harry - and he needs to learn to sit further away from the bathroom door and so often I end up bashing him on the nose with the door when I coke out. Oh and I'm in the UK next week too with hubby looking after all the animals here :)

    Thanks for linking up with #AnimalTales

    1. oh I'm constantly tripping over bob and pushpins all day

  2. Bob is just like our Bear, follows me everywhere.