Friday 3 April 2015

Why I don't NEED to see THAT photo

I don't need to see the picture of what you had to eat tonight

I don't need to see the picture of your new born baby

I don't need to see the photo of your day out

I don't need to see the photo of the latest crafts you've made

I don't need to see the photo of your family pet

But I like to see the above

I like to see what you ate and where

I like to see the photo of your new born, I asked after all

I like to see the photo of your day out as I'm considering going there myself

I like to see the photo of the crafts you've made as I might like to make them myself

I like to see the photo of your family pet as I post numerous photos of mine

But I don't need to see

A photo of a woman's period stain

A woman breast feeding

A child being abused by their nanny

Someone being shot/raped/beaten to death

An animal kept in cruel conditions


Because I don't need to see images that either cause distress or are purely private moments, no matter how cruel or beautiful it is.

We've already had beheading videos and images doing the rounds, we all now you can access people have sex on the internet, both child and adult, but those images aren't considered appropriate for social media sites and are blocked, reported and removed.

I don't block or report the latest photo that so many are raving about (period stains) but I choose to remove it from my timeline. I'm not offended, I am a women, it happens to all of us, but I don't need to see it.

I know what is going on in the world, but I don't need to see endless images posted by endless people without any explanation as to why they've shared it, their reason's behind it, their thoughts and feelings on it and it's actually quite OK to talk about it and mention 'that picture' of the women with the period stained sheet and pants, discuss how the image makes one feel, the purpose of posting the photo but we don't need to keep posting the photo or do we?

What next?

Skid marks in knickers/poo in the toilet? is that beautiful? it's natural but I don't need to see photos of that either.


  1. I agree with everything you said here. Thanks

  2. Yes Yes Yes Yes

    There's too much over sharing sometimes people don't know where to draw the line

  3. Breastfeeding, I'm afraid, is no purely private moment. Not when your new born needs feeding a in excess of a dozen times a day. Or are lactating mothers to become recluses in order to avoid distressing you?

    1. Dear Anonymous or should I say dear Coward? who says I'm distressed by photos of breatfeeding, surely you can tell the difference from the categories above? most people with an ounce of intelligence would know that the distressing images would be referring to beheading images and intimate moments would be breast feeding. Neither of which I don't need to see. Please tell me you don't publish pictures when you have a dump? I mean that's a private moment also and I'd say I don't need to see that either. the key word here being NEED. Get a grip

    2. oh and btw i'm a mother of 3 and breast fed, in public, i just didn't have the glare of social media, that's who your issue is with, not me.....