Tuesday 14 April 2015

How to cope with the heat in Dubai - How to have a cold shower and what to wear

Lets just say it's hot here in Dubai.

The kind of hot where the slightest movement away from the air conditioning and sweat is dripping off you. Day or night, even sleeping is hard work and the duvet has been relegated to the back of the wardrobe.

The air con broke in the bedroom so fan on, doors open and then finally after getting to sleep, the call to prayer would wake me up at 5.30am and the heat of the day would start over again. However that's all fixed now and sleep is coming easier, now I've got used to the noise of the fan cutting in and out all night.

I've been gardening, I walk the dog, food shopping, cooking. I do it all when the sun goes down. As for the cleaning, well that doesn't happen much, but with the doors open at night and the slightly cooler breeze the house is full of dust/sand and little balls of cat and dog fur (dust bunnies)

Cold showers are welcomed, but the water isn't that cold, it's actually colder if you use the water from the hot tank (without having heated it up) as the cold water supply is on the roof and in direct sunlight all day, whilst the hot water tank is in the roof space and once you've run the first bit off it's actually cool.

We have a water cooler for drinking water as the tap water is discoloured and comes out the tap at 28c.

After any and every activity a shower is required, this also means washing my hair and face and after making a rookie mistake of using a hair dryer in the daytime, never to be repeated, and with the dry air, my hair is just one big fuzz ball, that I've given up trying to tame.

I'm keeping my make up in the fridge, as it is melting, but not wearing it much as with all the sweat and constantly wiping my face, there is little point reapplying it to pop to the shops, go out for dinner etc.

But I want to look good when I go out, I want to stay cool when I'm in the house, so when I'm indoors, I shower, tie my hair up, put moisturiser on my face, neck and arms and wear loose clothing and no bra. I'm off out for a coffee, a change of scene, so I've had a shower, left my hair down to dry, put factor 50 face cream and sun cream on, added some jewellery and put on something nice.

I'm wearing loose flowing dresses, smart tops with cotton trousers. In fact I've ditched the t shirts and jeans, I haven't styled my hair or put any make up, but I feel fresher, smarter and cooler than I did wearing shorts and a t shirt and pottering around the house.

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