Friday 3 April 2015

Global Village

Another afternoon and evening at Global Village in Dubai. Open Saturday till Wednesday 4pm till 12 am and Fridays and Public holidays 4pm till 1am.

Entry fee 15 AED each plus additional charges for the Fantasy Island Rides.

There is ample parking, but make a note of the bay number as it looks very different when the sun goes down and public transport is available from Union on the 103 and Al Ghubaiba on the 104 running between 3.15pm and 11.15pm with 30 minutes of travel time. Call RTA on 8009090 for more information.

There are daily shows in the 3 main arenas, a wide selection of restaurants and a shoppers paradise where you can buy everything your heart desires from fashion, to accessories, souvenirs and spices from, as the name suggests, all over the globe.

Visit Heritage Village and other special attractions but head over there quickly as they close the Village closes on April the 11th 2015 until November next year.

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