Wednesday 6 April 2016

My 13 top tips for your first few days as an expat.

Having made two international relocations in the past 5 years I wanted to share some advice on 'things to do' when you arrive in your new country and 'tips' on getting things done as smoothly as possible.

  • Keep your whats app number until you are sure you have a permanent SIM number.

  • Get a PO Box number or confirm your full postal address ASAP, you'll need this when you open bank accounts, etc, you really don't want to have to change it after you move.

  • Know your physical address as well as your postal address, drop a pin on whats app, you really don't need to be trying to talk a delivery driver in when you don't know the local area.

  • Work out your best mobile 3G deal and download maps of your local area, public transport apps.

  • If you've rented a property and haven't moved into it yet and you're staying in a hotel, get down to your house every day, use it as a base to explore from. If you're already working, make sure you go past the house every day on your commute to familiarise yourself with the roads and short cuts, the last thing you want to do is have to learn a new route to work every day.

  • Use the banks, shops, facilities near where you are going to live, you won't want to be going back to the hotel where things have become familiar.

  • Chat with everyone, take everyone's number, take up every invite. You may never see these people again, but some of them could help you in the short term, others could become life long friends.

  • Get all your documents scanned and send it to yourself in an email, you'll never know when you'll need to provide a copy of something.

  • When setting up any account, applying for work, going to the doctors/dentists for the first time, take ALL your paperwork with you. 

  • Be prepared to spend a long time at your first visit to anywhere. Take a bottle of water, something to read, maybe something to eat and don't be surprised or upset when you get sent away because you are one document short that you weren't told about on your first visit.

  • When you set up any account, register online to make life easier to pay deposits and pay the bills on time.

  • Take cash with you for deposits for services, not everywhere will take credit cards and often debit cards can't be used.

  • Make sure you know the route for where the nearest dentists, doctors, A&E are and find out the phone number for emergency services.

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