Monday 11 April 2016

When does the tooth fairy stop coming?

My son is 17 on Thursday.

The tooth fairy came last night after he had a wisdom tooth extracted.

But he's way too old for the tooth fairy.

Well his argument went like this:

'I know there is no Father Christmas and there isn't an Easter bunny, but seeing as you give me Christmas  presents and bought me Easter eggs last week, I don't see any reason why the tooth fairy shouldn't pay me a visit'

He's got a point and he's 50 dhs better off this morning.


  1. Thanks to the teenager for a good laugh to start off the week!!! Very good argument I must say

    1. yep and dan ended up with a visit in ireland via online banking this week after his wisdom teeth were extracted

  2. Excellent logic! The tooth fairy hasn't visited here for many years, but then no wisdom teeth have been removed either for a long time

  3. Well you really can't fault his logic. I guess the only way forward is to stop Christmas presents and Easter eggs until all the wisdom teeth are out! Thanks for linking up to #PoCoLo

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