Sunday 20 May 2018

The Paris hotel, Las Vegas.

Peter and I have had many trips to Las Vegas. I think it is probably my most favourite place in the world to visit. I'd live there if we could. From the architecture to the lifestyle, endless buffets, entertainment. Las Vegas is truly a 24/7 city built to entertain from the moment you step off the airplane.

Work on the Paris Las Vegas started in 1997 and took two years to complete. Originally designed to be a full size replica of the Eiffel Tower itself, it had to be scaled back to 1:2 scale due to interference with nearby McCarran Airport.

It opened in 1999, is 164.4ms tall. The hotel has 33 floors and 2916 rooms. We've stayed in many of the hotels on and off the Las Vegas Strip. We opted to stay in the Paris hotel on this visit, as we'd not long returned from Paris, France and had dinner up the actual Eiffel Tower itself.

 View from our hotel room on the 5th floor.

Our hotel room

Like all hotels in Las Vegas, each one contains a casino, restaurants and shopping experiences, usually located on 3 different floors. In the casinos there are no doors, no windows and no clocks, so no way of knowing if it's day time or night time.

The ceilings are decorated with outdoors scenes and the interior is designed to look like you're in a street, outdoors, including real trees.

Since moving to Dubai in 2014, I've been fascinated by the speed at which they construct buildings here and have been following the progress of several construction projects and exploring some of the more unusual building designs.

I'm featuring these buildings in Dubai and from a around the world for My Sunday Photo for 2018.

Week 158 Dubai Bluewater Islands and Dubai Eye. Man made island a 210m high Big Wheel
Week 159 Dubai Dubai Marina - Reflections
Week 160 Dubai Dubai Frame. A window between the Old and New Dubai and a 150m high glass floor.
Week 161 Dubai Dubai Marina 3 years apart.
Week 163 Dubai New Metro Line for Expo 2020
Week 164 Arizona and Nevada Hoover Dam 2002 - 2010
Week 165 Dubai Dubai Opera House What a difference a year makes
Week 166 Dubai Unfinished buildings. The Pentominium
Week 167 Coventry Mixing the old and the new. Coventry Catherdral
Week 168 Dubai New Dubai Metro Station 
Week 169 Dubai The new extension of the Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa 
Week 170 Dubai Hotel fire After the Address fire 
Week 171 Dubai Unusual designs The Opus Building
Week 172 Dubai District Cooling. Keeping the desert cool.
Week 173 Dubai Can I visit the Burj Al Arab
Week 174 Dubai The Almas Tower
Week 175 Dubai The Cayan Tower
Week 176 Toronto The CN Tower


  1. A fascinating insight into such a different world to mine.

    1. I'm so looking forward to the day when I can spend my life without getting on an aeroplane, travel used to be exciting

  2. Hi Suzanne, as much as I hate business I would love to, one day, visit Vegas. I imagine it to be a one of a kind place. The hotel sounds like an experience in itself too. You'd never have to leave.


  3. I've been to Las Vegas several times and it is a fun place. My favorite things the first visit were a visit to Hoover Dam and out in the Valley of Fire.

    1. yes we went out there also, love the place

  4. I've never been to Las Vegas,but lovely to get an insight into the details behind the building

    1. I love Vegas, I'd make it home if I could

  5. It does look like an amazing and crazy place. I know my husband's cousin loves it there.

    1. I'd move there in a shot, we're considering going back next year

  6. Oh wow! That sounds amazing! The Eiffel Tower is fab x

  7. I'd love to visit Las Vegas one day. I heard the other day that lots of America's believe that Paris copied Las Vegas with the Eiffel Tower.

    Have a good Sunday and thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto