Friday 25 February 2011

and on a positive note.......

Today my dad sold the car.

We tried marketing it before we left the UK, but only got offered £5,000 and as you know we only had 3 months from 'Would you like to move to South Africa to actually being here'

So we added my mum to the insurance, so she could go out with any perspective buyers, and dumped it on their drive. Insurance and MOT expire end of March.

Dad has been calling all the garages he can think of, put ads in the local paper and in shop windows around Monmouth and still no luck.

In the end we said 'Dad, get what ever you can for it and deposit the cheque in our bank account as we're running out of money' and today I got the email that siad he'd done it and money is on it's way....yeah for Dad.

We called him this evening and this is what happened......

It proved to be adifficult day. When we arrived they insisted on doing afull check the first thing they noticed was the tyre warning light had come on and they said 3 of the 4 valves needed changing as they were badly corroded ( mother had noticed but said nothing) Then they said 2 of the rear inside door panels were marked and would need replacing finally the small burn hole in the drivers seat(this is the problem with main dealers they are too fussy) They had about 6 Coffee machines that were more expensive than my car. Their first offer was £5200.00 which we turned down then £5700.00 then £5900.00 . They could see we were both upset Mother did a brilliant job and must have pulled on their heart strings as they then offered £6000.00 as she said she was too upset to drive it home, maybe it was allpart of their plan to get the car cheaper anyway we got there in the end. They did comment the General appearance was exellent.

Now then Dad, how do you fancy renting our house for us as the bloody agents have been less than useless?