Monday 7 February 2011

This is how the day started a trip to Krugersdorp to the nature reserve, it was fantastic, cost approx £17 for me, Peter and Alex. We were able to get out the car and take photographs, obviously NOT in the area where the lions were. The one in the photo was about 2metres from the car, with only open air between us. We saw a herd of zebra and 3 giraffes on the hill top.

We were sitting down having a picnic when the phone rang, from Cornwall Hill College. The picnic was over we packed up and drove out through the park to the hospital in Jo’burg, we had little information other than Daniel had been hit in the neck with a cricket ball, while batting and was stable at the moment. We needed fuel, couldn’t find the hospital on the sat nav, I’d seen the sign for the hospital last week when taking Peter to work, we arrived and were greeted by 4 of Daniels school friends, one had travelled in the ambulance with him, their parents were in the waiting room. We thanked them for waiting, ‘they are all our children’ Daniel had x-rays and a CT scan and was seen by the ENT Doctor....all this took place, from admission to departure in 2 hrs. However, we left several hundred pounds lighter as our med aid hadn’t registered on the system.

Daniel is fine now his neck is swollen and bruised and his voice is very croaky, they had to stop the ambulance on route as Dan wasn’t able to breathe out and his lung over inflated; he was knocked unconscious, but remembers everything that happened. As he had too much carbon dioxide in his system his body went into spasm. The school matron phoned regularly and the head of the PE department came to the hospital to see Dan.