Sunday 27 February 2011

and finally....

I've been a football fan for too long and a Birmingham City fan now in my 5th season. I'd followed them for a while but my family life and having 5 kids did not allow me time to go to matches.
I started going to the games when they were in the premiership but unfortunatly they soon went back down. I took my eldest to see them play Liverpool, his team, as there was no way I was driving up there to watch them play.
I attended every home game in the Championship and really enjoyed the football. I was on Match of the Day with a crowd of less than 20,000 when they played Blackpool and when Jerome scored there I was, billy no mates, (all the seats around me were empty) the camera zoomed in to me in a bright pink top cheering my head off.
The kids came to a few games in the Championship and towards the end of the season when they saw promotion in sight, they too started to attend.
Hubby came once or twice, but as a Man U fan he found it boring, so it became 'me and my boys'
We've cheered, we've cried, we've even left St Andrew's swearing blind we'll never go back, but we have.
My last game before leaving for South Africa was against Arsenal on New Years Day. I was very disappointed, we'd beaten Chelsea and held Man U at home then go losing 3-0. I cried and left the ground early.
But tonight was worth every bit of the pain...we won the Carling Cup, our first trophy since 1963...I say we but I wasn't actually there neither did I kick the ball, but it feels like 'we'.