Tuesday 1 February 2011

The Honey moon is over

Week 2

I’m not South African, therefore I do not know the ‘rules’ of the country.

Every bloody time we reach a land mark such as finally picking up our bank cards, providing us with a credit history and proof of address, no sooner do we meet another hurdle in our way....’we need them certified’...FFS another trip to the bank, more queuing, more explanations, documents verified (stamped by the bank) then we start all over again.

The car is another problem....as we only have visas for 2 years (we intend to extend them, if allowed) we can only get credit for a 2 yr period. Therefore the car I wish to buy has to be fully paid off in the next 2 years. So I thought I’d buy a car outright, but another hurdle was put in my way.....I can hire a car here and drive with an International Driving permit, stamped by the AA. I can bring my car over from the UK (see earlier blog for the hassles that caused) and drive with an IDP, but to buy a car and then insure it I have to have a South African driving licence.......so tomorrow I go to queue to find out what that entails....I have been warned by the bank and the car dealers to take a book and be prepared to be there all day.....let you know tomorrow.

it would have been better if you'd told us before we came out here, but then you didn't know the barriers we would face...because you didn't ask what was needed in advance to prepare us properly and another thing...house hunting...on my own....what do i need to do...? it’s not like the UK FFS...you try it in another country on your own...grrrrrr....(frustrated only, coping well)