Wednesday 23 February 2011

Embarrassing moments

OK I’m in the supermarket, Checkers, in the toiletry aisle looking for ‘women’s things’ The brand names are the same and they offer the same two options of either Tampax or Towels. I looked to see if I could buy my normal product and had been stood there for a while when an assistant asks if she can help......I ask if she can help me find Night time pads without wings. Her reply was I’m new here, I’ll go being English this isn’t a subject we discuss openly in public with strangers, so off she goes and returns with a MAN, he looks through the shelves and asks me to wait while he goes and asks, another MAN comes back and asks me...’is it for heavy, medium or light flow’ I reply and he goes off to the warehouse. I’m now stood there wondering WTF when he returns, offers me an alternative as they don’t sell the ones I want and suggest I cut the wings off.