Wednesday 2 February 2011

What's the siren for?

The bell rings to signal the start and the end of lessons in school, the other bell you may hear from time to time in school is the fire alarm.

So what is the siren for? And what do you do when you hear here it?

In the boys school in South Africa it is heard when there is a lightning storm and when you hear it, you get indoors as quick as possible.

Having witnessed a storm tonight on the way home from school, I understand the necessity for it. I’ve never seen lightning like it, it was striking the hills and each flash lasted long enough to point it out to the kids and for them to turn round and witness it.

Whilst hunting for a house to rent today, we were taken to see a fantastic property with a thatched roof; I now know that the pole in the garden was not for raising a flag up.