Monday 7 February 2011


I love the TV adverts here. Whilst watching the football, different companies take it in turns to have a small logo on the top right of the screen, when there is a lull in play or half time the screen is slightly reduced in size and a company advert frames the action. The same applies with TV shows, no long boring adverts just a series of idents throughout the programme.
We have watched nearly every Barclay Premier league football match on TV. They seem to like Birmingham City here have watched all their games, and they seem to be playing much better since I stopped attending the home games.
DSTv is a satellite channel, we have to investigate the cost involved, it’s free at the moment in the apartment, they are about 4 weeks behind with Eastenders and 6months with Casualty and Holby City, they show deal or no deal and who wants to be a millionaire? But to be honest we’re not watching a lot of it apart from the football.