Monday 7 February 2011

Local Radio

We’ve found a local radio station here in South Africa that the boys and I listen to on the way to school and back each day. It’s 94.7 and in the mornings called Breakfast Express. It’s the standard format 1 man and 1 woman, lots of chat and music and it’s even sponsored by Nados and a local bowling centre. We used to listen to Radio Wyvern and it’s very similar in style to the Robin Banks and Theo show.
This morning there was a prank telephone call to a woman who had placed an ad with Gum tree to sell a fridge.
The ad read:
Samsung fridge, only used once, white, works wells.
The presenter phoned this woman claiming to be the moderator for Gum tree and asked her why she had used the word ‘white’ to describe the fridge. At this point the woman apologised and said she would change the ad and asked what she should change it to. ‘previously considered superior’ her response was hysterical she called him a ‘retard’ he then said ‘you are implying a white fridge works better than a black fridge’ she said ‘when have you ever seen a black fridge?’ his response was ‘exactly’ and implied people like her were being racist and holding back the cause for equality. At this point she lost the plot and hung up on him. He called back and all we heard were a string of bleeps as she let rip and she hung up. He called her back again and this time she asked for his name, which he gave her, she didn’t make the connection with the radio station and accused him of being a simpleton and asked ‘what about the other ads, was he going to ring all of them up?’ he replied ‘yes’ and she laughed out loud, more expletives followed, a few more ‘retards’ and ‘simpleton’ then he told her who he was.
By the time I drove through the security gates I was in hysterics, the guard asked me if I was listening to 94.7 and told me they do this every morning.