Monday 21 February 2011

Is this the best sales technique in the world?

When you buy a car in South Africa you have to give the insurance company the name of the garage so they can fax proof you are insured before you can drive away. The insurance company I used is OUTsurance and it was the easiest thing I've had to do since we arrived, they requested I drove the car to Glasfit to have the cars body work, plate and year of manufacture checked out, all makes sense to me. Apart from the insurance service, Glasfit also repair windscreens and intall 'smash and grab' glass which is a necessity over here. My vehicle does not have factory fitted safety glass and the woman launched into a fantastic sales pitch, she didn't pause for breath:

' Ma'am, you don't have the recommended safety glass you are putting yourself at risk. At the robots (traffic lights) you WILL have your window smashed, you will have your necklace RIPPED off your neck, you will be assualted and YOU have been warned, don't wait till it happens we can fit it now for ... rand'

mmmmmm no thanks and I drove off ... I will have it fitted but not by a company that try to sell you a product by scaring you half to death.

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