Thursday 24 February 2011

Safety and Security

On a previous blog, I wrote ‘What comes first? The need for protection or the fear of crime?’
I was fearful, very fearful for my safety and my family, no one told us anything positive about life in South Africa prior to our arrival
Carjacking at gun point
Mugged in the streets at knife point
Well yes it does happen (see previous post) but you don’t need to live in fear of it...just be sensible.
In the first week I carried a small amount of cash, one credit card and my phone all in my pocket, by week two after observing the behaviour of others I carried a small clutch bag from Fossil. I soon learnt I neede to carry my passport, driving licence and International driving permit with me and I’m back to carrying a handbag full of crap.
I sling it over my shoulder when out, I lock it safely in the boot of my car when driving, mobile phone in door pocket and the car automatically locks when I’m I safe?
Not completely , I’m still at risk, just more prepared for it, am more confident in myself and walk/drive away from situations that make me feel different from how I should behave anywhere in the world, I just keep reminding myself not to be complacent.