Wednesday 23 February 2011

Michael McIntyre moment

Have you seen his routine when speaking to someone either on the telephone or face to face when you don’t quite catch their name or what they are saying.

You say ‘pardon’, you still don’t understand, by the time you’ve asked for the third time it’s now considered rude, so you say well thank Mr ermjamigig.

The first time this happened to me is now a family joke, I had just met my husband and while at his house looking after the children I answered the phone, it was a work call, I took the message but had missed the man’s name, so I asked him for it, he had a very heavy accent and I said, I’m sorry I didn’t catch that, he repeated it, I then asked him to spell it, still didn’t catch it, said thank you and hung up......when Peter got home I told him he’d had a message, he asked who from, I replied Mr Crisp took him a while but he worked it out in the end.

This is what it’s like for me every day in South Africa, I keep hanging up or walking away not having a bloody clue what was said while they look at me wondering, as I walk off smiling ‘are all English women mad?’