Saturday 12 February 2011

When will all of this stop being new?

Well not yet at least. Everything we see and do is either amazing or a challenge. So many of you are encouraging of my blog, to be honest I thought you’d all be bored by now reading it and I thought I’d stop having anything of interest to say, but that’s not the case.

Today we went to Cullinan, where some of the world’s largest diamonds have been found. It is still a working mine and unfortunately we arrived too late for the tour but we had a lovely picnic and walk round a tiny village built in 1903.

This is not a secure area, other than the type of security you’d expect to see at a diamond mine anywhere in the world. But it was a safe area, we were free to wander around and realised that this was the type of thing we were missing. More time in the country for us. I mooched around the antique shops (junk) and Peter and I sampled some local ales brewed at the back of a cafe.

While Peter was out the back discussing the micro brewery with the owner, the kids sat out front having a drink and I walked over the road to take this picture. I ended up flat on my arse on the ground, as I stood on a pile of acorns and in cartoon style, not very gracefully, tried to maintain my I sat there trying to gain some composure, I was pelted from above by yet more acorns.