Monday 7 February 2011

Crunch time

Last night I nearly booked flights home. Dan had been in hospital. We had to pay for the treatment as our med aid wasn’t up and running, the kids were arguing and everytime we told them off they pulled their trump card ‘I miss my dad’ I don’t doubt that they do and I’m not trying to demean their relationship with him, but it’s every bloody time they have to do something they don’t want to do. I creid myself to sleep over it all.
This morning brought a different day and with it a different set of emotions......we promised the kids so much with our new life in South Africa and so far everything is the same, they are in school, Peter is in work and only my life is different, I’m not working, I dealing with a different set of values, accents and languages and renting a house, buying a car and not even allowed a bank account due to the nature of my visa.
I tell a lie there is another big still haven’t rented the house out in the UK and this morning we paid a deposit and 1 months rent to secure a house. The current accommodation is a 3 bed apartment there is one TV and a small lounge, a tiny garden, but at least it has 2 bathrooms. Doesn’t sound that bad really and it isn’t. It’s just we are used to a lot more space. We only have the contents of our suitcases with us and things like the internet are not as widely available as back home. So far, we’ve moved to the other side of the world, our living conditions are less than before, our ability to do things is limited due to being in a different country and our personal things are on a boat somewhere and won’t be with us till March.
But when the children get home from school we can tell them which house we’ve rented and that we are moving in on March 1st. It will be something to look forward to and the kids love the house we’ve is beyond our wildest’ll have to come and visit to get the full picture but it’s 4 bed, has a pool, overlooks the golf course, has a river at the bottom of the garden, it has glass floor to ceiling windows, balconies, a mongoose that lives on the decking and the utility room is bigger than our previous kitchen.