Wednesday 23 February 2011

At the Robots

48hrs after arriving in SA, hubby is in work, he has a lift every day, and the kids are in school, I have a hire car (as James May says ‘the best car in the world’)

Now bare in mind the horror stories I’d been told about SA and I’m off driving on my own in a place I’d never even visited before.

At the robots they try to sell you all sorts of things, keep your windows closed is the advice or they’ll grope you, don’t make eye contact. They’re not interested in selling you stuff really, they’re just checking your car out, then signally their mate at the next robot so he can smash your window and grab your bag, yes that does happen but so far the only people I’ve met that have told me this sort of thing has started with ‘my friend....a bloke at work, my aunties next door neighbours cat....etc etc’

At the robots today I rolled a cigarette for a man trying to sell me a whitener for my Tekkies (trainers), stopped for a chat with the newspaper seller, I explained to him I can’t read Afrikaans, he suggested I bought his paper as there are alot of pictures in it and I could work it out from that. I replied ‘Lekker’ and he replied ‘see you’re learning already’