Saturday 30 June 2018

Cleaning the windows on the world's tallest building - Burj Khalifa

It takes a team of 36 people, 3 months to clean the windows on the Burj Khalifa, which cover an area of 2,717 foot. They work at heights of 2000ft and cover 40 of the 206 storeys each.

Apart from the safety harness, the sun, dust and high winds, washing the windows on the Burj Khalifa is done no differently that cleaning a window on the ground floor.

Once the windows are clean, they return to the top and start all over again.

Over the past 4 years I've been documenting the ever growing skyline of Dubai. I've also featured construction projects in other parts of the world and buildings that have caught my eye. You can read more about them by clicking on the links below:

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Week 182 Dubai New Metro Al Furjan At over 828 metres (2,716.5 feet) and more than 160 stories, Burj Khalifa holds the following records:
  • Tallest building in the world
  • Tallest free-standing structure in the world
  • Highest number of stories in the world
  • Highest occupied floor in the world
  • Highest outdoor observation deck in the world
  • Elevator with the longest travel distance in the world
  • Tallest service elevator in the world 

Tallest of the Supertall

Not only is Burj Khalifa the world’s tallest building, it has also broken two other impressive records: tallest structure, previously held by the KVLY-TV mast in Blanchard, North Dakota, and tallest free-standing structure, previously held by Toronto’s CN Tower. The Chicago-based Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) has established 3 criteria to determine what makes a tall building tall. Burj Khalifa wins by far in all three categories. 
Height to architectural top
Height is measured from the level of the lowest, significant, open-air, pedestrian entrance to the architectural top of the building. This includes spires, but does not include antennae, signage, flagpoles or other functional-technical equipment. This measurement is the most widely used and is used to define the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat rankings of the Tallest Buildings in the World.
Highest occupied floor
Height is measured from the level of the lowest, significant, open-air, pedestrian entrance to the highest continually occupied floor within the building. Maintenance areas are not included.
Height to tip
Height is measured from the level of the lowest, significant, open-air, pedestrian entrance to the highest point of the building, irrespective of material or function of the highest element. This includes antennae, flagpoles, signage and other functional-technical equipment. 


  1. I can't even begin to imagine cleaning a building that tall. It makes me giddy just thinking about it!

  2. I'm sure they enjoy it but oh my it wouldn't be for me!

    1. the salary is good for Dubai, but I wouldn't fancy being up there in a sand storm

  3. OMG that is amazing! I could never do it! #mysundayphoto

  4. They must be really dedicated to the job, I don't think I would like to hang around the outside of a building that tall lol x

  5. What amazing photos and what a scary job. You'd have to be pretty brave to do a job like that.

  6. Hi Suzanne, I hang my head in shame as it takes about that to clean the windows in my pokey little house. I do not envy them there job, but if they have the stomach for those sort of heights whilst dangling in a harness, I do envy them the views!


    1. Don't think I've cleaned the outside for 6 months or more

  7. What an incredible job, you'd imagine the turn over of staff would be high. I can't imagine it's enjoyable doing that all day every day

    Have a good Sunday and thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

  8. That's amazing - how on earth do they do that every day?

    1. I think they work in teams and do shift work

  9. Wow what a building to clean! Great capture

  10. Wow, can you imagine that job? It would be the job of my nightmares!! :D Great pictures. #sundayphoto

  11. Now this is a fascinating image. It hadn't even occurred to me how windows on Dubai's building get cleaned, but I guess now I know! Must be very hard physical work. #mysundayphoto

    1. I'm sure it is, especially in the summer months

  12. Wow, that's some job. Not one I'd like to do

  13. Oh my goodness! I couldn't do that....They are very brave indeed! x

  14. Oh wow, gorgeous photos and an amazing feat when you think about it. It's really jaw dropping to see, reminds me of an action adventure movie without the action or maybe that's action enough. Scary stuff though, especially for clean windows, maybe one of those guys can drop by this way.

    1. It's where Tom Cruise filmed a Mission Impossible movie

  15. That is beautiful scenery of cleaning tallest building burj khalifa. They are so brave!

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